Ultra Jet DLE-MF

Ink jet printers offer new opportunities when it comes to versatility and print quality, and yet only with the right ink can you create the perfect result. With the high print quality and wide colour gamut along with the flexibility to print on rigid and flexible substrates the Ultra Jet DUV-MF (UV Curable) and Ultra Jet DLE-MF (LED Curable) gives you the power to easily turn your ideas into high-level products!

Your Benefits

  • Adheres well to a wide range of substrates
  • Very well suited for hybrid machines
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation
  • Made in Germany - Developed and produced under strict tolerances to ensure highest quality


Colour Shades

428 Yellow
438 Magenta
434 Light Magenta
459 Cyan
455 Light Cyan

489 Black

  • Product Info
  • Gamme de teintes

    Teintes numériques

    • 455 Cyan light 455 Cyan light
    • 459 Cyan 459 Cyan
    • 489 Black 489 Black

    Teintes quadri

    • 428 Yellow 428 Yellow
    • 434 Magenta 434 Magenta
    • 438 Magenta 438 Magenta

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